Seth Lawrence comes from a loving family in Orem, Utah. He went to law school and worked as an attorney in North Carolina. He is married with four kids. And Seth is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So, how did he end up in stand-up comedy? Funny story...

Seth specializes in hard-hitting comedy, largely based on stories from his life. He uses his innocent look and charm to get away with making fun of believing in God, not believing in God, being white, not being white, having a job, not having a job, having kids, not having kids, being married, not being get the idea.

In 2018, Seth was a finalist in the US Comedy Contest. In 2021, he worked as a host for the World Series of Comedy, performing in clubs all over the country. You can hear little clips of him on Family USA and Jeff & Larry's Comedy Roundup, if you're lucky.

Seth produces and hosts Disorganized Religion, a podcast all about comedy and religion. Each episode, Seth interviews a comedian about their start in comedy, what they love about standup, their religious background, and their honest beliefs and thoughts on all things spiritual. He also gives each guest the chance to grill him on his life as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Go see him perform. Listen to his podcast. You will laugh.


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